Weighing Scale Supplier, Repair, Government Verification Calibration Certificate | Surajpur Industrial Area, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201306

Weighing Scale Supplier Surajpur Industrial Area, Greater Noida

UP Scales has official Legal Metrology Department and Weight & Measurement Department License for Providing Government Approved Weighing Scales, Repair and Government verification Calibration certificate in Greater Noida.

UP Scales provide following Electronic weighing scales in Surajpur, Greater Noida.

  1. Industrial Weighing Scales
  2. Platform weighing scales
  3. Electronic Weighing Scales
  4. Analytical Weighing balance
  5. Weighing Machine For shop
  6. Table Top Weighing scales
  7. Laboratory weighing scales
  8. Bench weighing scales
  9. Jewellery weighing scales
  10. Crane Scales
  11. Electronic Weighing Machine 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg & 5000kg.
  12. Piece Counting Weighing Machine
  13. Weighing Machine with Printer
  14. Price Computing Weighing Machine
  15. Weighing Machine Indicators
  16. Weighing Machine External Display
  17. Weighing Machine Load Cell
  18. Electronic Weighing Machine Repair.
  19. Industrial weighing machine Repair

2.) Government Verification Certificate

UP Scales has an official license of the Legal Metrology Department and Weight & measurement department for providing

  1. Weighing Machine Calibration Certificate
  2. Weighing Machine Government verification Certificate
  3. Weighing Machine Government Stamping
  4. Weighing Machine Government Passing
  5. Weighing Machine NABL Certificate
  6. Weighing Instrument Government verification Certificate

3.) Weighbridge Manufacturer 

UP Scales is the official Government approved weighbridge manufacturer in India. UP Scales manufacturer

  1. Weighbridge Manufacturer
  2. Electronic Weighbridge Manufacturer
  3. Pit Type Weighbridge Manufacturer
  4. Pit Less Weighbridge Manufacturer
  5. Concrete Weighbridge Manufacturer
  6. Mobile Weighbridge 
  7. Dharamkanta Weighbridge Manufacturer
  8. Truck Scale Weighbridge Manufacturer
  9. weighbridge Government Stamping & passing
  10. Weighbridge Calibration

Weighing Machine, Greater Noida


UP Scales Legal Metrology License

weight and measurement department
Weight & Measurement Department (Legal Metrology Department) License

Frequently Asked Questions

Question.1) What type of Industrial weighing scale provided by UP Scales?

Answer. UP Scales have a wide range of industrial weighing machines like – Platform weighing scale, Piece counting scale, Crane scale, Hanging scale, Heavy duty platform weighing scale, Price Computing Scale, Analytical weighing balance and more.

Question.2) UP Scales provide Government passing and Calibration Certificate for Industrial weighing scale?

Answer. Yes, UP Scales has a Legal Metrology Department License for Providing Government stamping and calibration certificate to weighing machine Annually. Our industrial weighing machine has a Government stamping and Calibration Certificate.

Question.3) Industrial weighing machine is approved by the legal metrology department for use in Commercial and Personal use?

Answer) Yes, Our all Industrial weighing machine is approved by the Legal Metrology department and Weight & Measurement department for use in Commercial and Personal use.

Question.4) Industrial weighing machine also have warranty period?

Answer) Yes, our all Industrial weighing machine has a warranty period of 2 years and 1 year according to the weighing machine brand.

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