Weighing gold and precious metals requires an accurate and reliable gold scale or jewelry scale. Read further to learn more about gold weighing applications and how to avoid errors when weighing gold and other precious metals.

Gold is a relatively rare metal, prized for its glistening appearance and high value. Its malleability enables it to be fashioned into many different intricate forms, explaining its wide use in coinage and in jewelry manufacture. Gold and other precious metals, such as silver and platinum, are popular investment choices thanks to their relatively stable value within global markets.

In the buying and selling of gold by bullion traders, jewelry manufacturers, goldsmiths and jewelry retailers alike, the gold purity and the gold weight are of critical importance. Weighing gold accurately is crucial to both buyer and seller, and is an important part of the sales transaction.

Gold purity can be measured precisely by determining the density of the gold. The accuracy of this measurement also depends upon the accuracy of the jewelry scale or gold scale used to carry out the density determination.

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