Jewellery Weighing Scale

Are you thinking about opening a jewellery showroom or pawn shop? If yes, then one of the unavoidable items in your shop is the Jewellery Weighing Scale. It is an important segment of the weighing scale industry. Usually, the weighing scale plays a vital role in all the industries, including retail, shop, healthcare, and home.

However, in the jewellery industry, scale is the must-have element. Did you know that the jewellery weighing machine is the king of scale? It should showcase 100% accuracy, and thus you will do your jewellery buying and selling business properly and trouble-free. So, it is mandatory to invest in a high-quality weighing scale.

As you are a newbie, you will not know much about the jewellery scale. Therefore, it is much better to read the article until the end. It explains the right way to purchase the weighing scale for your jewellery shop.

Jewellery Scales are specially designed for Jewellery shops to weigh Gold, Silver with very high accuracy. Jewellery scale is specially designed to achieve higher accuracy. UP Scales have Jewellery scale with a capacity  50 gm, 100 gm, 120 gm, 150 gm, 200 gm, 300 gm, 500 gm, 600 gm, 700 gm, 800 gm, 1000 kg, 1200 kg and up to 6 kg with Government calibration certificate, Stamping and Passing. Our Jewellery scales are approved by Legal Metrology Department and Weight & Measurement Department for use in Commercial and Personal use.

Features to note down

Before getting into the topic, you should understand the major features available in the Jewellery Weighing Scale. A few of the important features are listed here.

  • The weighing scale should have a zero/tare facility.
  • It should come with carat/tola mode for accurate calculation.
  • The scale should have display light that is extremely clear and visible to check the product’s value properly.
  • It should have a top-quality interface and printer port connectivity. So, you will take a print of the jewellery weight.
  • The weight scale should come with a windshield cover, and most importantly, it should be ease of portable.

Steps to follow to buy jewellery scale

At first, you should know which weighing units you will use. For example, g (grams), ct (carat), grains, oz (ounces), put (pennyweight), etc. Considering the weighing units and items you intend to weigh is mandatory in making the right selection. The grams and ounces are the common weighing units for the precision scale.

However, some precision scales will also provide the Carats for measuring stones and gems, Grains for gunpowder and Ounces for precious metals. You can choose the scale that measures specific weighing units according to your needs.

Next, you should ensure you know your Federal/local government requirements. Based on your local government needs, you have to invest in the scale approved for use in the retail trade. Every country provides specific approval for the jewellery scale. So, try to check this aspect with your local authorities. It helps you to avoid buying the illegal scale for trade.

Finally, you should consider the portability and size of the Jewellery Weighing Scale. If you need to bring the scale to various locations, prefer the portable and compact scale. For instance, you can pick up the mini scale or pocket scale. However, suppose you need to permanently place the scale on the table or bench. Then, you need to look for the correct sized precision scale.

Remember that there is a direct relation between accuracy and capacity. When you go with a scale of higher accuracy, it comes with a lower capacity. So, if you look for a scale with higher accuracy and capacity, you should spend more from your pocket. But, it is worthy in many ways.

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