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Commercial Weighing Machine | Industrial Platform Weighing Scale | UP Scales

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The Commercial Weighing Machine is a highly modular product range consisting of a large variety of terminals and platforms to best fulfill your specific requirements. From simple weighing to integrated solutions with multiple components including third-party devices – a wide range of configurations is possible.

The capacity of Commerical Weighing Scale – 0.6 kg,  3 kg, 6 kg, 12 kg, 15 kg, 30 kg,  35 kg,  60 kg, 120 kg, 300 kg  600 kg

Platform Size (mm) – 240×300 (mm),  300×400 (mm), 400×500 (mm), 500×650 (mm), 600×800 (mm).

Get Free Delivery & Installation of all Weighing Scale in Only Delhi NCR – Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Gurugram, and Meerut (Note* –  UP Scales don’t provide delivery in outer Delhi NCR).

Free Delivery & Installation

UP Scales only Provide Service in Delhi NCR

(Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Meerut)

Commercial Weighing Machine | Industrial Platform Weighing Scale | UP Scales

The Commercial Weighing Machine is a highly modular product range consisting of a large variety of terminals and platforms to best fulfill your specific requirements. From simple weighing to integrated solutions with multiple components including third-party devices – a wide range of configurations is possible.

“The right solution tailored to the specific needs of your application in any industrial environment.”

commercial weighing scale

  1. Maximum Versatility – The Commercial Weighing Machine is Excellence level terminals enable you to manage complex systems with a high degree of flexibility and easy setup. With the ability to control up to four platforms and a wide range of interface options, your investment will help maximize profits while providing long-life, high uptime quality weighing equipment.
  2. Highest Throughput – The Commercial Weighing Machine Standard level scales are available with a variety of keypad and housing options to allow a customized solution perfectly tailored to your specific weighing tasks. The software supports a range of applications including counting, over/ under checkweighing, dynamic weighing, and portioning. The graphic display with the colorWeight® feature ensures high throughput with easy-to-read error-free results.
  3. Reliable Weighing – Numerous workplaces in different industrial market segments require only basic weighing solutions. Choose the easy-to-use basic models of the ICS family which provide all the necessary functions, proven industrial quality, and reliable weighing results day in and day out.

Commercial Weighing Machine – Optimize Your Processes Meet Your Toughest Requirements

The Commercial Weighing Machine is designed to integrate easily into your weighing process. It offers a broad range of solutions for your check weighing, counting, or quality assurance applications. Make your choice, select your optimal combination, and raise your throughput, increase process security, and improve your product and delivered quality.

  1. Reliable Counting – When verifying inventory, packaging, or confirming production quantities, every part is important. METTLER TOLEDO counting solutions ensure that only the right number of parts are delivered to the customer. The ICS scale family provides solutions to make parts-counting applications fast, accurate, and cost-effective.
  2. Portioning and Classifying – The Commercial Weighing Machine supports fast and efficient portioning or classifying processes. Depending on the preferred working procedure the operator can choose between different modes. Whether filling small containers placed on the platform or using the powerful takeaway mode feature for filling without a keystroke, the Commercial Weighing Machine scales help to speed up productivity up to 20%.
  3. Quality Checks by Weight – When product integrity matters, check-weighing is a fast and cost-effective quality assurance method. Whether you need to detect missing components of assemblies or whole shipments, control the completeness of castings or verify the number of lubricants applied, the Commercial Weighing Machine scales provide clear information as to whether the quality specifications are met and the shipment is complete.

Commercial Weighing Machine – Flexible and Mobile

All Commercial Weighing Machine models can be equipped with WLAN technology. In combination with an optional built-in rechargeable battery, the scales can easily be moved and placed where they best fit into the process. The state of the art Lithium-Ion battery technology ensures many hours of continuous operation.

commercial weighing scale


Commercial Weighing Machine – High Throughput and Reliable Processes

Speed counts in today’s competitive environment. Manufacturers need not only to deliver error-free, high-quality products but to produce with high throughput. With the Commercial Weighing Machine Industrial Compact Scales, you can achieve both. Benefit from an intuitive user menu with easy-to-use weighing and counting applications and superior weighing performance for fast and accurate results.

  1. Increase Speed – While counting pieces or checking completeness using a weighing system, operators typically have to concentrate intensely on the terminal display which slows down their process. The colorWeight® function clearly indicates, using different colors, when the target is reached. This eases the operator’s concentration, speeds up the task, and saves time and money
  2. Avoid Errors – Intuitive user menus and efficient user prompting prevent operator errors and fatigue during repetitive tasks. Configurable softkeys allow fast access to frequently used functions. Users are guided through the weighing and counting tasks in different languages. Set user-profiles and deactivate unused hard keys to make operation traceable, secure, and error-free.
  3. Commercial Weighing Machine features high-performance weighing technology. This includes MonoBloc® electromagnetic force-compensation load cells, built for long service life, extreme ruggedness, and outstanding accuracy. These high-precision load cells deliver accurate results fast and reliable measurements day in and day out for increased productivity and minimum downtime.

colorWeight® Speeds up production

Save time and money with the smart colored display making weighing applications such as completeness checks, portioning, classifying and counting simple, fast, and less error-prone. The colorWeight® display indicates at a glance if weight or count is below, within or above target.

colorWeight Speeds up production

Resist Wet and Harsh 24/7 for Fast and Complete Washdown

From light wet to harsh washdown conditions – it doesn’t matter. The stainless steel platforms and terminals of the Commercial Weighing Machine series provide a flexible and rugged solution for a wide range of weighing tasks. All parts have been engineered and manufactured according to the latest hygienic design guidelines resulting in construction without closed cavities or sharp edges and with minimum horizontal surfaces. This allows easy, fast, and efficient cleaning.

  1. Designed for Harsh Conditions – Equipment used in hygienic sensitive areas such as food production must be designed and installed according to sound sanitary principles. The ICS689 product line is designed using the latest hygienic design guidelines including EHEDG or NSF. This includes a double sealed, IP69k protected terminal.
  2. Configurable to your Environment – Whether your processes require only wet wiping or heavy washdown procedures, the appropriate load cell according to your cleaning requirements can be chosen. Selections include an aluminum potted load cell with IP65 protection up to a hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell (IP68/IP69k) for permanently wet environments.
  3. Open and Rugged Design – The stainless steel construction is built to withstand wet and harsh environments. Designs feature seamless welded construction. Optimally placed overload stops provide the best possible protection against load cell damage. This assures long service life and up-time of your scale and reduces the total costs of ownership.

Commercial Weighing Machine – Built for Efficient Cleaning

IP69K protected terminals and hermetically sealed loadcells engineered in conjunction with platform designs conforming to the latest hygienic guidelines, enable efficient and easy cleaning access to all areas.

  1. Stainless Steel Construction
  2. No Open Threads
  3. Smooth Surface Finish
  4. Minimized Horizontal Surfaces
  5. Full Penetration Welding

Commercial Weighing Machine – Integrated Data Handling Fast, Reliable and Traceable

Accurate weighing is important, but so is weighing data integration. Easily manage articles, materials, and related parameters on the scale or a connected computer. Capture weighing results and other relevant data on the scale, print them on customizable labels, or securely transfer them to your data management system to document and monitor your process.

Proven Traceability

Whether legally required or specified by customers, today’s traceable processes are standard. Ensure full traceability of your weighing process with a comprehensive set of features such as

  1. Identification of articles and materials via barcode reader
  2. Definition of tolerances and tare values in an article database
  3. Secure storage of weighing data and related parameters
  4. Accurate batch identification with customizable label printing


Commercial Weighing Machine Easy Connectivity

Connect your scale via Ethernet, WLAN, or USB for easy data transfer and connect a barcode reader (via RS232 or USB) for secure material identification.

Commercial Weighing Machine – Customizable Label Printing

Customize printing labels to meet customer and industry requirements with the easy-to-use label editor in the DatabICS software. Ensure traceable printing of weighing or counting results and process identification.

Commercial Weighing Machine – Real-time Monitoring

Visualize your weighing results from anywhere in real-time with the software Collect+. Capture statistical quality control data with FreeWeigh. Net PC software. Visualize your weighing

Commercial Weighing Machine – Powerful Database

Store your articles and materials in the scale-embedded database together with relevant parameters such as target weight or count, tolerances, tare values, or average piece weights.

Commercial Weighing Machine – Secure Data Handling

Weighing data including date/time, article ID, or operator ID is securely stored in protected memory. Manage access to the scale and weighing data with multi-level user access rights.

Commercial Weighing Machine – Efficient Data Management

Manage articles and related data directly on the scale or use the PC software DatabICS to easily set-up and manage your article database centrally for multiple scales.


Commercial Weighing Machine – Safe and Accurate Weighing In Hazardous Areas

Three considerations are important in potentially explosive environments: Is the weighing process safe and compliant? Does it deliver accurate results? And can it be handled efficiently? The intrinsically safe ICS4_6x-Series combi bench scales deliver all three aspects and ensure safe, accurate, and efficient weighing in hazardous areas.

  1. Full Protection – The commercial weighing scales enable safe and efficient operations in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1/21 and Division 1. The intrinsically safe product design ensures the highest level of safety and compliance with the latest hazardous area requirements. In addition, the scales feature a compact design and can be easily maintained.
  2. Highest Accuracy – High-precision weighing in a hazardous area is a challenge. The commercial weighing scale enables industry-leading accuracy of up to 750.000d in Zone 1/21, Division 1. When tolerances are tight, these scales deliver the precision to ensure consistently accurate results without compromising safety.
  3. Best Usability – The scales can be flexibly configured to ensure ergonomic and efficient operation. An intuitive operating philosophy provides easy and secure handling of even complex weighing applications in hazardous area. The colorWeight® functionality of the ICS466x improves speed and control of weighing tasks by immediately indicating if a result is within tolerance.

Proven Compliance

The Commercial Weighing Machine is approved according to global and local standards. IECEx, ATEX, and FMC+US are approvals for use in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1/21 and Division 1. Regular audits of the METTLER TOLEDO production facilities by the certification bodies verify that standards are applied and safety is ensured.

Commercial Weighing Machine – Capacity, Size & Platform Weighing Scale

The capacity of Commerical Weighing Scale – 0.6kg | 3kg | 6kg | 12kg | 15kg | 30kg | 35kg | 60kg | 120kg | 300kg | 600kg

Platform Size (mm) – 240×300 mm | 300×400 mm | 400×500 mm | 500×650 mm | 600×800 mm


Get Free Delivery, Installation &  COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Get Free Delivery & Installation of all Weighing Scale in Only Delhi NCR – Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Gurugram, and Meerut (Note* –  UP Scales don’t provide delivery in outer Delhi NCR).
  • Our Delivery & Installation Engineers follow all COVID-19 guidelines while delivering & Installation of Weighing Scales given by the Indian Health Ministry and World Health Organization.
Resolution for analog platforms

300,000d; 7,500e, OIML /10,000d, NTEP


ICS4_5: LCD liquid crystal graphical display with backlighting, ICS685: Color TFT display 320 x 240 pixels


Tactile-touch membrane keypad (PET), scratch-resistant material


Die-cast aluminium




100–240 VAC; optional battery 12 V/2.5 A

Standard Interfaces

1 RS232

Optional Scale Interfaces

digital SICSpro, digital IDNet, analog (max. 2 analog, or 2 IDNet resp. 1 analog + 1 IDNet)


Choose from various accessories such as wall bracket, columns/stands, roller tops, printers, battery packs, relays for digital I/O, barcode scanners and much more


0.6kg, 3kg, 6kg, 12kg, 15kg, 30kg, 35kg, 60kg, 120kg, 300kg, 600kg

Readability approved

0.5gm, 1gm, 5gm, 10gm

Platform Size (mm)

240×300 mm, 300×400 mm, 400×500 mm, 500×650 mm, 600×800 mm

Government Calibration Certificate

Government Verification Calibration Certificate & Stamping from Legal Metrology Department

Free Delivery & Installation

Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Delhi NCR

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    Best commercial weighing machine with one year warranty thanks UP Scales for on time delivery with Government passing



    Thanks UP Scales for on time delivery & Installation i must recommend UP Scales for commercial scales in Delhi NCR



    First this commercial scale are manufacture in India by UP Scales I must recommend this scales for use in India. Thanks UP Scales for on time delivery & Installation with Government passing


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