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Industrial Weighing Scale 6 kg – Minebea Intec

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Industrial weighing scale 6 kg offers a variety of solutions for a raft of Industrial Requirements and Applications and Readability of Industrial weighing scale 6 kg is 0.5 gm with Calibration Certificate, Government stamping & Passing. Same-day free delivery in Noida, Greater Noida & Ghaziabad. Our all weighing scales are approved by Weight & Measure department and Legal metrology department for use in Commercial and Personal use.

Get Free Delivery & Installation of all Weighing Scale in Only Delhi NCR – Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Gurugram, and Meerut (Note* –  UP Scales don’t provide delivery & installation in outer Delhi NCR).

Free Delivery & Installation

UP Scales only Provide Service in Delhi NCR

(Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Meerut)

Industrial Weighing Scale 6 kg – Minebea Intec

Our portfolio of Industrial Weighing Scales offers a variety of solutions for a raft of industrial requirements and applications. The highest levels of precision and dependable German Quality guarantee consistently reliable measurements from the moment goods arrive at customers’ premises to the moment they leave.

About Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec is a leading manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection technologies. Our mission is to increase the reliability, safety, and efficiency of our customers’ production processes. To do this, we provide high-quality products, solutions, and services that ensure a high level of safety.

Minebea Intec’s excellent performance is based on 150 years of experience, our distinct German Quality, and continuous investments in the development of innovative technologies. Our strong global presence and an extensive network of distribution partners ensure that our customers can rely on top Minebea Intec quality – any time, anywhere. Our goal is to set strong standards in all areas of our company, which is reflected in our brand slogan, ‘the true measure’.

Minebea Intec manufacture as varied as our customers’ requirements

Minebea Intec provides innovative products and solutions for reliable weighing throughout the process chain. Our comprehensive range of industrial weighing scales, along with individual components and accessories, allows weighing solutions to be configured to the exact usage profile of a given application, from loads of 0.001 g to 3,000 kg, from conformity assessments to hygiene, right thorough to EX certification. The result: the most accurate, reliable measurements at any time and with the ability to meet any requirement.

For example:

  1. Weight checks and integrity checking
  2. Classification, sorting and counting by weight
  3. Filling and formulation in recipe management
  4. Checking inventories, production volumes and outgoing goods
  5. Commissioning for shipping
  6. Statistical checking of production processes


Industrial Weighing Scale 6 Kg


Industrial weighing scale 6 kg
Parameters Description
Maximum Weighing Range 6 Kg
Readability 0.5 gm
Platform dimensions 400×300 mm
Material Weight indicator: ABS
Weighing platform:- Industrial grade epoxy resin coating
– Stainless steel load plate
Resolution (non-verifiable) Up to 15,000 d
Weighing system A DMS load cell
Operating temperature range -10°C to +40°C
Storage temperature range -10°C to +40°C
Net weight/gross weight Dimensions 400×300 = 13/16 kg
Dimensions 500×400 = 21/26 kg
Dimensions 650×500 = 36/39 kg
Package dimensions (cm) IW2P1E-…ED-L: 60×38×40
IW2P1E-…FE-L: 76×49×42
IW2P1E-…GF-L: 86×58×45
Data interface Optional
Electrical supply Integrated power supply for 100 to 240 V ±10%, 50 Hz,
15.5 VA (with battery charger), 4 VA (without battery charger)
optionally with 6 dry cells, 1.5 V ‘D’-size batteries
Emissions In accordance with EN 61326-1, class B (IEC 61326-1)
Electrical safety In accordance with EN 61010-1 (IEC 61010-1) EN 60950 (IEC950)
Immunity to interference In accordance with EN 61326-1, industrial areas (IEC 61326-1)

Weight indicator for Industrial weighing scale 6 kg

User interface of Industrial Weighing Scale 6 kg
Keyboard 6 keys
Display 7 segments
25 mm weight readout backlit
Applications of Industrial Weighing Scale 6 kg
Tare parameters Yes
Zero setting Yes
Easy weighing Yes
Counting Yes
Checking Yes
Switch between gross weight/net weight Yes
Unit change Yes
Data transfer to printer/PC Yes
Automatic power shutdown
(in battery mode)

Industrial Weighing Scale 6 kg

Minebea Intec has decades of experience in the industrial scales sector. Our proven German Quality scales are robust and highly accurate, and they have exceptionally short weighing times. This means they don’t just help our customers to make their processes faster and more accurate – all our Industrial Scales also ensure accurate, stable, and reproducible measurements over the long term.

Quality is our best product

Our aim is to deliver products of premium quality to our customers. One way we do this is by checking our quality standards regularly and thoroughly. As part of the final completion process, every device goes through a comprehensive and detailed testing program. Internal product audits are also carried out regularly. Management systems at all Minebea Intec facilities meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 at the very least and are part of our company policy.

Adjustment, Calibration and Conformity Assessment

Many of Minebea Intec’s industrial Weighing Scales are equipped with a built-in motorized calibration weight. This allows the scales’ accuracy to be checked at the touch of a button without the need for the additional test weight. The sensitivity of the scales can also be easily calibrated by touching a button. To ensure that legal requirements are complied with and that weighing results are traceable, we can also provide calibration and conformity assessments (previously verification) of scales during servicing. Our expertise in this area is backed up by the following certificates and accreditations:

  1. Certificate of recognition for a quality management system according to 2014/31/EU for non-automatic scales.
  2. DAkkS (German national accrediting body) accreditation for calibration of non-automatic scales according to DIN EN/ISO/IEC 17025
  3. DAkkS (German national accrediting body) accreditation for calibration of weights from 1 mg to 1,000 kg according to DIN EN/ISO/IEC 17025
  4. Certified QM system according to DIN ISO 9001

Smart software applications

  • Easy-to-use application software for a variety of uses, such as counting, checking and prepackaging checking, is pre-installed as a standard feature

Versatile interfaces

  • Optimal connectivity and integration into existing systems, for example via RS 232, RS 485/422, analog 4 20 mA, digital inputs/outputs, Profibus DP, Ethernet TCP/IP

Benefits of Industrial Weighing Scale 6 kg

  1. Statistical recording of weights, connection to SPC@Enterprise
  2. Automatic and manual dosing and filling
  3. Manual dispensing, production of mixtures
  4. Totalling and picking of orders
  5. Classing, classification, and sorting by weight
  6. Part counts for materials management
  7. Simple recording of weights with logs for documentation
  8. Checking, for example when checking contents of pre-packaged units
  9. Weighing containers and vessels for storage management
  10. Calibration Certificate and Government stamping by Legal Metrology Department
  11. Free Same day delivery & Installation in Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad & Delhi NCR

Industrial Platform scales are characterized by extremely large platforms and are suitable for all sectors in which heavy and bulky loads have to be weighed. In the shape of the Industrial Weighing Scale, along with the flat-bed scale IF and the pallet scale IU, Minebea Intec offers a raft of weighing solutions – including for potentially explosive environments.

The flat-bed scale IF has been developed for the maximum possible ground-level use in the smallest possible space. It is a high-quality, flexible, and mobile weighing station, which can be used anywhere in the production process where reliable measurements and hygienic solutions are required. Its benefits and options are:

  1. Custom specifications available on request
  2. A variety of finishes, e.g. stainless steel
  3. Verification mode and explosion-proof solutions
  4. IP65, IP68 or IP69 protection classes
  5. Resolution up to 30,000 d and up to 2 x 3,000 e in situations where verification is required
  6. Load ranges of between 150 kg and 3,000 kg
  7. Platforms in various designs and sizes

Accessories, options, and add-ons on Industrial weighing scale 6 kg

All accessories and add-ons for our range of bench and floor scales have been developed with a particular focus on the needs of our customers and they have proven themselves countless times across a wide variety of industries.

Industrial printers

Several compact, high-performance industrial printers are available for a variety of uses. Their benefits and options are:

  1. Fast and reliable printing of process, product, and weighing data
  2. Simple and intuitive installation and operation
  3. Robust, space-saving product design
  4. Process reliability and quality through comprehensive print data management
  5. A variety of printing modes, including direct thermal, thermal transfer, and 9-dot matrix
Bar code reader
  1. Optical and acoustic response when reading bar codes
  2. Processes a wide variety of bar code types measuring up to 120 mm in width
  3. Green LED for user response
Floor-mounted and bench stands
  1. A variety of finishes
  2. A variety of heights to support a wide range of uses
Frame for a pit installation
  1. A variety of finishes
  2. Available with installation kit
  1. Variety of models
  2. Installation kit included


Software for Industrial Weighing Scale 6 Kg

Innovate software programs are available for the reliable integration of our bench and floor scales into production lines. They are continually being updated and expanded. For our service customers, these updates are automatically included according to their agreement level.

The high-performance software for statistical process control now boasts even more benefits:

  1. Efficient networking of a diverse range of devices and systems from Minebea Intec and other vendors
  2. Fast process control thanks to the powerful monitoring program
  3. Straightforward generation of production or calibration statistics
  4. Simple data backup, less risk of data loss

Maintenance and repair – for guaranteed availability and performance

  1. Calibration or verification preparation of equipment and systems according to statutory requirements for measuring technology
  2. Preventative maintenance safeguarding continued availability and performance
  3. Repair services, including emergency service contracts for a guaranteed response time
  4. Professional replacement parts service
  5. Remote services such as the service tool remote based on augmented reality – for first-line support on site

Get Free Delivery, Installation &  COVID-19 Guidelines

Get Free Delivery & Installation of all Weighing Scale in Only Delhi NCR – Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Gurugram, and Meerut (Note* –  UP Scales don’t provide delivery & installation in outer Delhi NCR).

Our Delivery & Installation Engineers follow all COVID-19 guidelines while delivering & Installation of Weighing Scales given by the Indian Health Ministry and World Health Organization.

Free Delivery & Installation

Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad & Delhi NCR

Calibration Certificate

One year Calibration Certificate and Government Stamping


Minebea Intec, UP Scales


Black, steel body, White

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    I must recommend UP Scales for weighing scale in Delhi, they are government approved for weighing scales. and provide free delivery & Installation with on year on spot warranty



    Very good performance accuracy wise, durable structure and with Government passing certificate thanks UP Scales for ontime delivery & Installation



    UP Scales provide best industrial platform electronic weighing machine in Noida, I must recommend UP Scales for weighing scale in Noida


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