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Would you like to weigh large motor vehicles like rail containers or trucks? Are you looking for a simple way to maintain goods inward and outward? Well, weighbridge is your solution! It enables you to measure the accurate weight of the truck, which guarantees the overloaded vehicle doesn’t travel on the road. The weighbridge displays the importance of the truck weighed.

We are the number one UP Scales weighbridge manufacturer. We offer plenty of weighing systems that suit different businesses. The weighbridge helps the company save more time during the production cycle. Our weighing system is used in other places like mining, construction, forestry, agriculture, etc. We set up the modern manufacturing unit and sophisticated laboratory to provide the best products.

We are committed to offering high-quality weighbridges at an affordable price. Besides, professional maintains the quality control procedure all over the production cycle. Businesses that use a lot of raw materials and energy are responsible for our environment. We use quality materials that decrease emissions to the air, water, and land.

Different Kinds of Weighbridges

UP Scales weighbridge manufacturer offers various kinds of weighbridges. It includes a tail weighbridge, RRC weighbridge, digital pit type, portal weighbridge, mechanical weighbridge, electronic pit type, and much more. An essential function of the weighbridge is measuring the weight of complete truck loads of products during the movement. Every weighbridge has unique features and benefits that everyone should know.

With the help of a weighing system, government authorities weigh the truck to find out whether the vehicle is loaded based on state law or not. Remember, not one weighbridge system is suitable for all industries. You should find the weighing system based on your budget, sector, and circumstance. Let’s take a look at popular types of weighbridges:

1.) Concrete Weighbridge:

If you need to measure up to eight tons of motor vehicles, you can go with the RRC weighbridge. The design of weighbridges offers simple assembly, transportation, and handling. It comes with separate modules that provide hassle-free operation when the basement stays in nature. Without any shuttering, the concrete is spread quickly in the weighing stage. A concrete weighing system is a cost-effective option due to the increase in steel price.

The characteristics of a concrete weighbridge, like material types, design features, accessories range, and treatment method, make it adaptable. Besides, RRC weighbridges provide numerous benefits like quick installation, oil, oxidation and chemical resistance, and high weight measurement capacity. It is easy to shift the concrete weighbridge system.

2.) Portal weighbridge:

The portal weighbridges are specially designed for exceptional cases. You can quickly move it anywhere you desire to weigh the truck. You can find this type of weighbridge in temporary sites, non-trade operations, remote regions, and projects in different locations. In addition, these weighbridges are mounted for heavy and oversized vehicles. Individuals can use the portable weighing system for weighing the complete truck fleet on the production site.

In addition, the portal weighbridge comes with rectangular concrete slabs that make it suitable for the load-bearing location. Those with an extensive fleet can save more money on fuel by weighing the trailer on-site instead of driving one place to another. The weighbridge deck is made of steel that can last for many years. UP Scales weighbridge manufacturer delivers the portal weighbridge to the customer’s doorstep safely.

3.) Pit-type Weighbridge

The pit type weighbridge can be classified into two types such as digital and electronic. If you have limited space, you can use pit type weighbridge. The vehicle is weighted directly and driven to the weighbridge platform. A moving vehicle causes vibration to the surface as it carries the entire load. The truck can approach the weighbridge from all directions so that you can save more money.

The platform of the weighbridge is specially designed to withstand loads effortlessly. We choose the plate and girder carefully for the weighbridge. All items undergo the strict quality test as per ISI grade. It is fitted at the land surface level, so the ramp does not need vehicle movement to determine the weight. Besides, a pit-type weighbridge is more substantial in construction that needs minimum space.

4.) Pitless Weighbridge

We are committed to offering quality pitless weighbridge. It is simple to clean and maintain, which makes it a popular option. The pitless weighbridge is the perfect choice in the hazardous gas zone and rocky areas. Moreover, it doesn’t have water logging in the rainy season. We use state-to-the-technologies and quality raw materials to make the pitless weighing system.

When you use a pitless weighing system, you can save money on construction. We offer pitless weighbridges in different sizes and capacities. Therefore, you can buy the best pitless weighbridge for your business. It is used in many sectors to measure heavy consignment precisely and without difficulty. In addition, pitless weighbridges have excellent data processing control facilities and high-precision load cells.

5.) Axle Weighbridge:

The axle weighing system is portable and measures the individual weight of every truck. As soon as one Axle is weighed, the vehicle proceeds to the next set to be considered. If bundled with an indication, the total weight will display after measuring the Axle. The Axle weighbridge is an economical option for measuring the truck weight. It allows the user to monitor the lower axle weight or overloaded. It aids in getting the right amount of items to where you should go without harming the road or containers.

This type of weighbridge is used for various applications such as seasonal heavy loaded vehicles, temporary demolition worksites, shipment terminals, etc. There is no better option than Axle weighing to monitor the vehicle weight accurately if you have limited space. Our weighing system has unique features to generate axle speed, tire count, truck height, and weight. As a result, it is a good option for the Toll plaza and other places.

If you have any doubt about choosing the weighbridge for your business, you can contact our technician. UP Scales weighbridge manufacturer has skilled experts to provide an effective solution immediately. The expert will help you to select perfect weighbridges. With the weighing scale, the company can avoid penalties from authorities. Also, you can maintain safe transport measure that increases the safety of products and the public.

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