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A weighing scale is a reliable asset in the industry to weigh and accommodate large objects. Business owners often look at the scale to simplify the weighing process. Before buying a machine, you can consider the availability of the machine, features, price, and others. Platform scale is the best solution that meets weighing and counting needs in the industry. It is available in different sizes and functionality and suits different applications.

Platform Weighing Scale Capacity 50 kg, e value 5 gm
Platform Weighing Scale Capacity 50 kg, e value 5 gm

Floor Scale:

It is one of the popular platform scales that lie on the floor surface. Shipping companies, factories, and warehouses use such scale for the accurate measurement. It is useful for handling heavy loads and performs well in the hazardous and harsh condition. You can find different types of scales with excellent attributes and capabilities. You can choose the ideal one based on your wish.

Basic Floor Scale:

The simplest type of floor scale allows items to place on a rectangular platform that suits the floor. The top platform can incline from the floor. Items can be put on the floor scale top manually or moving equipment like pushcart, pallet jack, forklift, and so on. Ramps can install on edge on a scale to load and unload products that need to weigh. Ramps may also take extra space whether different edges can access. Placing scale in a pit frame is a great choice for scale to reduce hazards in the workspace and reduce floor space. A pit frame can install below the floor to the level platform with the surface.

Washdown Scale:

The washdown scale acts as a lift scale that lifts the top deck and let’s access to the interior component for maintenance and cleaning. Top deck can lift automatically and manually with the help of a hydraulic or pneumatic system. The electronic component can safeguard during exposure and washing from a cruel substance during the process.

It is excellent for corrosive chemicals and weighing liquids and applications that need the high sanitation levels like beverage, food, agricultural and pharmaceutical items. You can follow the simple measure to manage a scale in a good condition and prevent the microbial and chemical contamination.