Are you in the sector which handles heavy equipment? Do you need the best tool for awkward objects? Well, Crane Scale is the most suitable solution for your industry. It can lift heavier weights in commercial places without hassle. Besides, the Crane scale is continuing popularity in recent times due to its excellent efficiency. Moreover, it is small-in-size and portable to store in a lesser case. There are many weighing machines in the current marketplace.

Employees use digital readouts to monitor the goods when loading and unloading heavy machinery. Therefore, they don’t put risk the load during the shipment. The Crane Scale is one popular weighing instrument, which has numerous benefits. In addition, they can make the task of suspended weighing safer and hassle-free. In this post, you can get an overview of crane scales, their uses, and the benefits of investing in them.

Crane Scale is ideal for heavy-duty applications in a rough industrial environment via rugged and watertight structures. Our Crane Scale is Convenient, safe, and high accuracy with a high-visibility LED display, easy installation, and recharging of a battery pack, swivel hook for griping.

Crane scale comes in different Capacities, Sizes, Weights, and Readability and is also customized according to customer needs. Crane Scale capacity 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg, 300 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg, 2000 kg, 5000 kg, 10000 kg, 1 Ton, 2 Ton, 3 Ton, 5 Ton, 10 Ton & 20 Ton and also customize capacity option available.

Our all Crane Scale is with Calibration certificate and Government stamping and Approved by Legal Metrology Department and Weight & Measurement Department for use in commercial and personal use. For Booking Or More information call us on 9899008683.

Uses of Crane Scales: You can see the Crane Scale in many places because of its simplicity. It is used in the industrial sector to weigh heavy goods without difficulty. The Crane Scale can withstand rigorous conditions regardless of compact frames, making the transport trouble-free. The followings are harsher environments where the Crane scale is used:

  • Fishing ports
  • Construction sites
  • Factories
  • Ships and planes
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing unit

On the other hand, this weighting tool is used in the warehouse to safely measure and move heavy goods. The strong safety hook enables you to load goods securely that prevents accidents.

Interesting Features of Crane Scales:

  1. Robust housing guarantees that crane scales can hold challenging conditions like airports, postal facilities, factories, etc.
  2. Remote control operation is one of the beneficial features on the handing scale that provides safe operation. It lets the user weigh bulky loads at a far distance.
  3. Tare functions help the employee remove the weight of scoops, nets, and baskets used to stock goods.
  4. It has long-lasting battery life, which is useful while livestock as electricity may not be available. It is used in Zoos to weigh animals such as bears, crocodiles, deer, and much more. Thus, you can bring a spare battery for continuous workflow.

Never hit or drop the hanging scale that damages its performance and reduces its lifespan. Therefore, you should treat the weighing scale with utmost care.

Advantages of using Crane Scales

The Crane scale is smaller, which makes it simple to store. It can also take less storage space compared to the heavy-duty weighing scale. If you are working in a limited space, hanging scales are an ideal option. Crane Scale has higher maximum capabilities that allow you to evaluate heavyweight items.

The robust weighing design can withstand harsh atmospheres like shipyards, factories, etc. It has basic features so you can use it without technical knowledge. In addition, heavy goods transportation can be a difficult task means that employees have to carry the scale to the object for weighing.

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