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Mettler Toledo Jewellery Scales – Carat Balances and Scales

Mettler Toledo Jewelry Scales For laboratory, factory, jewelry shops, goldsmiths, etc. Capacity 1.2 g to 23200 gm, Readability 0.001 mg to 1 gm & Pan Size is 180 x 180 with Calibration Certificate &  Government Stamping from Weight & Measurement Department. One Day Free Delivery in Noida, Greater Noida & Ghaziabad. Our all Weighing Machine is Government Approved for use in Commercial & Personal Use. For Weighing Machine(Booking) Call 9899008683

All carat balances are easy to operate and feature a bright, clear display for highly visible weighing results, even when working under a lamp. All come with a robust metal base, full connectivity to a printer, second display, and are AC or battery operated (except JE). Built-in software enables direct transfer of data to PC.

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Mettler Toledo Jewelry Scales are specially designed for trading in precious materials, fire assays and retail shops. Gold Balances and Scales are durable, accurate, quick by making it compact in size and with higher accuracy than before. Use High Precision Load for achieving higher accuracy in Jewelry Scale. Suitable for use as For laboratory, factory, jewelry shops, goldsmiths, etc.

Mettler Toledo Jewelry Scales – JP and JS gold scales models feature robust and accurate MonoBloc gold weighing technology which is made in Switzerland with internal weight, rapid settling and fast response time even in tough conditions. FACT automatically adjusts all JP gold scales by using internal weights, whenever changes in temperature affect the accuracy of your gold weighing results.

Free Delivery in Noida, Greater Noida & GhaziabadOne-day delivery.

➤ Mettler Toledo Jewelry Scales Readability, Capacity & Pan Size
  • Capacity 210 ct to 1600 ct (42 g to 320 g), Readability 210 ct to 1600 ct (42 g to 320 g) & Pan Size is 180 x 180

➤ Our Weighing Machine Have Original Calibration Certificate/Government Stamping/Verification Certificate (we will provide an original certificate with the Weighing Machine).

➤ High Precision Load Cell.

HCD display for maximum readability.

In-Built Battery Backup.

Auto Calibration Facility.

High-quality housing with overload protection and protective cover provides resilience to rough treatment.

➤ Large gold weighing platforms allow big jewelry chains and pieces to be weighed without falling down.

Various ranges up to 12 kg with 0.01 gm reputability and 32 kg with 0.1 gm.

➤ Auto Zero Tracking.

Stand by Mode to Save Battery.

Kg/liter Function.

Low Battery Indication.

➤ Fully automatic time- and temperature-controlled internal adjustment

➤ Weather Water Proof

➤ We Also Specialized In Platform Size With Four Load Cell Based Technology.

➤ Made to Specified Requirement of the Customers.


Technical Specification

AC Opening Voltage : 230V 10%, 50Hz +10%, DC Operating Voltage : 6V / 4.5 Ah., Relative Humidity : 0 to 50 c., Power Consumption : 10W


One Year Complete Replacement Warranty


Calibration Certificate/ Government Stamping/ Verification Certificate from Weight & Measure Department (Legal Meteorology)

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